Choosing a wedding venue

Make sure there’s plenty of room in your wedding venue

Before touring wedding venues, you should have a good idea of how many people you plan to invite. You’ll want to make sure that the venue you choose is large enough to comfortably accommodate all your guests. After all, you don’t want a dance floor where no one can move!

The best way to determine if a venue is large enough for your needs is to visit it when another wedding is set up. That way you can see how tables, chairs, the live band or DJ’s equipment, and other pieces all fit. An empty ballroom can look enormous, but everything you need for your reception can quickly take up space.

Determine the level of privacy you want

Some venues hold multiple events at the same time, which means your guests could run into guests at another wedding. Some brides and grooms don’t mind, but others would prefer a little more privacy. 

Talk to your fiancé about how much privacy you want at your wedding and how important that factor is to you. And if you choose to have your wedding in a public area, like at a park or local garden, be aware that strangers will wander past during your big day. If that’s something you’d like to avoid, consider opting for a private venue.

Study the flow and organisation of the space

Consider how you would set up the venue to create designated areas for eating, dancing, and other wedding staples like cutting the cake. As you explore the space, try to imagine where each part of the reception would take place. Taking organisation into consideration is especially important if you’re planning on having your ceremony in the same venue as your reception.

Pay attention to the décor

If you have a specific colour palette or theme in mind for your wedding, make sure the existing décor of your venue doesn’t clash. Ideally, the walls, floors, chairs, and other items already in the space should be neutral; better to go with whatever colours you choose. If you can, bring along some samples of your wedding colours to see how they would look in the space.

Take note of the details

Take note of how much parking is available at or near the venue. If you love the space, but parking will be an issue, look into other modes of transportation for guests, like a shuttle bus. Keep in mind that, while parking issues isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, it could mean additional costs. If you take the time to take note of the details in a potential venue and see how the space will work for your big day, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect venue for your wedding!

Consider accommodation options

Check if there is onsite accommodation for you and your family. If so, how many people can the onsite accommodation accommodate and how much does it cost? Also take note of how close other accommodation options are for you and your guests? If you are wanting to get married in a remote country venue does that mean your guests will have to travel an hour back to their accommodation?

Be aware of venue closing times

Due to strict curfews, many rural wedding venues have to have music off by 10pm and shut doors by 10.30pm. I don’t know about you, but if it were my friends, the party would just be getting started at 10pm!

Think in advance about what type of wedding reception you envisage. If you envisage a thumping dance floor late into the night then make this a consideration when choosing your wedding venue.