Wedding Survival Kit

A wedding survival kit is a must have for your big day! Having the essential items in the following list can help avoid unwanted situations at your wedding and make your wedding the best possible day it can be.


Wedding Survival Kit

1. Fashion Tape – there is always that one bridesmaid that lost a bit of weight and her dress is now running a bit big. Don’t let your wedding turn into a peep show.

2. Water bottle – if there happens to be a portrait session scheduled in the middle of the day, a water bottle will go a thousand miles.

3. Hydralyte – put a couple of these guys in your water bottle to keep your electrolytes up. Even better, they also reduce the effects of hangovers!

4. Deodorant – from experience, weddings can be sweaty affairs (was that too much?!). You may need a top up mid wedding, just saying….

5. Sunscreen – because it’s not like chucking a hat on is always an easy option for a bride or groom.

6. Heel stoppers – stops your heels from sinking into the ground. This can slow down the portrait session, resulting in less varied images!

7. Muesli/protein bars – No Mr. or Mrs. Hangry on your wedding day!

8. Toothbrush/toothpaste – Usually, sometime late afternoon during weddings I’ll sneak off to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I always come out feeling like I’m a brand new guy. Try it!

9. Mints – just think about how many people you’re going to be talking to on your wedding day. Mints also work a treat for portraits sessions with your partner! 

10. Shaver – guys, it can’t hurt to have a quick once over before the ceremony.

11. Alcohol – this is actually my wife Corinne’s first pick. Why not bring a glass of champagne for your portrait session. You never know when an emergency might happen 

12. Backup pair of shoes – For the brides, I can guarantee that if you ditch the heels for the dance floor you’ll feel a million bucks.

13. Bandaids – new shoes = blisters. You don’t want to be limping around on your wedding day. Come prepared!

14. Sewing kit – multiple usages. Don’t leave home without one!

15. Baby powder – chafing sucks! Summer wedding? It’s a no brainer – bring baby powder!

16. Tissues – despite the obvious, tissues can help during the portrait session if the bride or groom cops a bit of lipstick from his or her bride- not always the best look for photos!

17. Mirror and lippy – so you can touch up lipstick easily during the portrait session.

18. Mosquito repellent – if you’re having a summer outdoor wedding, it’s worth having some on hand. Make sure to get an unscented one!

19. Tampons – think about that time when you really could have done with one. Now imagine if that was your wedding day…

Yes, I’ve now added some more!

20. Rain boots – You won’t know you need these until your wedding date gets closer. But if you see rain on the forecast, get yourself some snazzy looking rain boots. These will keep your feet dry and can also make for some fun puddle splashing pictures!

21. Clear umbrellas -these are awesome if rain is on the forecast. Make sure to get the clear ones so I can see your faces anytime you need to use them.

22. Dental floss – because your yummy wedding food doesn’t look so hot in your teeth. Bonus tip – combined with the sewing kit it also can also be used to fix dress malfunctions!

23. Reception shoes – this is especially important if you are wearing heels. Trust me, your feet will thank you at the end of the day!

24. Chapstick – keep those lips soft and kissable!

25. Phone charger – I 100% recommend nominating one of your guests to be on phone duty and deal with the organising aspect on your wedding day. Having said that, having a phone charger on hand will save any unwanted anxiety should you phone battery run out of juice.


There you have it! I hope this Wedding Survival Kit list will help you to prepare successfully for your big day, and make it the most enjoyable day it should be! If you’re interested in learning more about my wedding photography click on the link below.