Best Byron Bay Wedding Venues

With it’s stunning coastline and majestic hinterland, Byron Bay is an absolute dream wedding destination. Whether you’re after a rustic farm vibe, a beautiful nature feel, a luxury beach experience or modern European style, then look no further! Sit back, be inspired and enjoy my top 10 best Byron Bay wedding venues.

Best Byron Bay Wedding Venues – the list:

1. Fig Tree Restaurant

Wedding at Fig Tree Restaurant with newlyweds dancing under the fig tree

Fig Tree Restaurant is absolutely stunning. The signature fig tree makes such an insanely beautiful spot, not only for the ceremony, but for portraits also. The restaurant has recently been rebuilt and makes for a very warm and intimate reception space. Not to mention the food is to die for. I honestly believe that Fig Tree Restaurant deserves to be first mentioned in the top 10 Byron Bay wedding venues.  Click here to see a my most recent wedding at Fig Tree Restaurant.

Pros: Onsite accommodation options plus no need to go off site for portrait locations. And of course, the absolutely majestic fig tree.

Cons: It really is slim pickings here but the light could be very mottled when sunny under the fig tree, resulting in slightly more contrasty ceremony photos. Also, like most Byron Bay wedding venues, don’t expect to be partying at the venue all night. There is a 10.30pm curfew.

2. Frida’s Field

Bride and groom in being showered in confettti during ceremony ext at Frida's Field

Think rustic meets pure elegance. First up, the quaint and picturesque bridal cottage is located close-by on the property, but far enough to be out of view of arriving guests which is a big bonus. The ceremony location under the tree is simply stunning and the food is next level. It’s hard to describe, but when I photographed at Frida’s Field I felt very nourished from the overall experience.

On a not strictly related side note, they are also doing some really innovative practices around regenerative farming which definitely deserves some brownie points.

Pros: Ahhh…everything. With Bangalow and Clunes (and Byron Bay itself) being so close by, there are plenty of stunning accommodation options close by.

Cons: There’s only one lot of accommodation onsite so accommodation for partner 2 will have to be found offsite.

Check out my latest wedding at Frida’s Field here.

3. The Orchard Estate

Bride and Groom under macadamia orchards at Byron Bay wedding venue The Orchard Estate

The Orchard Estate has a very similar feel to Frida’s Field. Set in a working macadamia farm and overlooking the Night Cap mountain range, this venue offers stunning scenery and a gorgeous reception space that can accommodate a large number of guests.

Pros: Portrait locations are very close to the reception area. Choose from a ceremony under the macadamia trees or with a hinterland backdrop.

Cons: The cottage onsite has very poor light and doesn’t allow for great photo opportunities.

4. Byron View Farm

On their website, Byron View Farm boasts ‘almost 360 degree uninterrupted ocean to mountain views and the most surreal golden sunrises to sunsets.’ I can definitely attest to the stunning sunsets. The ceremony locations are very magical also, with the most popular overlooking the ocean with the Byron Bay lighthouse in the background.

Pros: The sunsets are absolutely stunning at Byron View Farm. Awesome views whilst being close to the centre of Byron Bay.

Cons: Only one onsite accommodation option for getting ready at. If getting married on a non peak wedding day – Sunday, the cottage may not be available due to reservation from Saturday’s wedding.

5. Deux Belettes

Deux Belettes Wedding Vogue Style Bridal Party Editorial Photo by Sam Wyper Photography

Want a European style wedding? Deux Belettes can offer this! This venue is one of the most visually stunning venues I’ve photographed at. Everything about it spells luxury.

Pros: European vibes.

Cons: Deux Belettes doesn’t have some of the stunning hinterland views other Byron Bay wedding venues have, but given how incredible this venue is, they are not at all needed.

Check out a Deux Belettes wedding I photographed here.

6. Rae’s at Wategos

Bride and groom portrait in Penthouse at Rae's at Wategos

Get hitched at a luxury venue right next to one of Byron Bay’s most iconic beaches. Rae’s at Wategos truly has a class of its own and is suited to more intimate types of weddings.

Pros: Located a 10 second stroll to the infamous Wategos Beach.

Cons: If you want to have your wedding as an exclusive event at Rae’s at Wategos, you will need to book out all seven rooms for a minimum of three nights. Whilst this could turn out to be the most epic party of your life, it would likely be very expensive.

7. Harvest at Newrybar

Bride and Groom at Byron Bay wedding venue Harvest Newrybar

Located in the quaint little town of Newrybar, and offering a variety a ceremony locations, Harvest at Newrybar is definitely worth checking out for couples having a more smaller and intimate gathering of guests.

Pros: The Bakery makes for a great indoor ceremony option. The beautiful ambience of the gardens makes for a relaxing experience.

Cons: At certain times of the day, the light in the Bakery can make for somewhat unflattering photos.

8. Beach Byron Bay

Bride and Groom posing on rocks at Wategos Beach just after sunset

Located at Clarke’s beach in the centre of Byron Bay, Beach Byron Bay offers the ultimate in beach wedding experiences.

Pros: Being located in the heart of Byron Bay means it’s easy for guests to get to and from the venue.

Cons: You would have to time your ceremony time with low tides if you want an uninterrupted beach ceremony.

9. Crystalbrook Byron Bay

Bride and groom exiting ceremony through confetti at Crystalbrook Byron Bay wedding venue

Rainforest vibes next to the beach! You mightn’t know it by scrolling through their website or socials but Crystalbrook Byron Bay offer absolutely stunning weddings. With secluded ceremony options and a lovely pool to relax in the day after your wedding, Crystalbrook Byron Bay is a worthy mention on this list.

Pros: Plenty of accommodation for guests to stay at. You can have both beach and rainforest images for your wedding.

Cons: Some accommodation options can have darker rooms. if booking try and seek out the most light filled option available.

Bride and groom kissing under a fig tree at night in the rain

Best Byron Bay Wedding Venues – contact

There you have it, I hope you enjoyed my top 9 Byron Bay wedding venues. Feel free get in contact by clicking here if you have any questions or are keen to book.