Wedding invitation top 9 tips

Need help planning your wedding invitations? See below for my top 9 wedding invitation planning tips!

1 Get inspired

Start looking through magazines and Pinterest. Figuring out what styles you like will help you design the perfect wedding invitations for your big day. 

2 Define your style

Your invitations will be your guests’ first glimpse into your wedding. Your invitations will let your guests know what kind of wedding to expect.

3. Keep your colours in mind 

Incorporating your wedding colours into your invitations, like menus and programs, can create a more cohesive look. 

4. Be creative 

Invitations traditionally come in an A5 (148mm X 210mm) design. Don’t be afraid to try something new, different shapes for example, but keep in mind that different sized invitations may cost more to mail.

5. Order extra

Instead of ordering the precise number of invitations you’ll need, order 20 extra, just in case. 

6. Avoid clutter

Make sure to only include the essential info on your invites: ceremony time and location, your names, the dress code and RSVP information. Directions to the venue can be included on the wedding website you’ve created. 

7. Double and triple-check

Reprints can be expensive, so ask several people to proofread for any possible errors. 

8. Customise your envelopes

When it comes time to mail out your invites, look for stamps that match. 

9. Stick with your maiden name

If you’re planning on changing your last name, save it and your new monogram for your thank you cards.

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