Brooke + Trent’s Country Meets Classic Wedding

Things didn’t necessarily go too well for me when I started photographing Brooke and Trent’s wedding. One of the first things I did when I arrived at Brooke’s prep was slip on a table and smash a fancy champagne glass into what felt like a million pieces. And yes, you would be right in thinking wtf was Sam doing on a table? With my best intentions I was nailing a detail shot.

Despite this somewhat bumpy start, I feel like I quickly redeemed myself and I had an epicly fun time photographing Brooke and Trent’s lovefest.

Prior to their wedding, Brooke told me that Trent has a “devishly good smile” (he really does). She also mentioned that when looking back on their photos in years to come, photos that would make her smile are pics of the two of them goofing around together and candid moments with family.

Brooke and Trent – I hope I was able to capture all of the above moments plus much more. Your wedding was friggggin amazing!!!

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Celebrant: Renee Edge Ceremonies
Dress Designer: Jacqueline May Bride
Florist: The Flower Shed & Co
Hair Stylist: The Hair Artist Collective
Live Music: Andrzej Fenner
Make Up Artist: Erin Fedele
Photographer: Sam Wyper
Venue: Preston Peak Functions
Videographer: Shutter And Film
Cake Maker: Curly Carrot
Dance Classes: Dance Connection Toowoomba
Engagement Ring: Rowe Design
Wedding Rings: Hogans Family Jewellers