Sheree + Jayden’s Barefoot DIY Wedding in the Byron Hinterland

I’m an absolute sucker for things that are, not only different to the norm, but challenge the very idea of what the conventional notion of normal is. Sheree and Jayden’s barefoot, DIY wedding did exactly this, plus so much more.

Here are some of the unique parts Sheree and Jayden’s DIY wedding that made it my most enjoyable wedding to photograph to date:

  • Sheree and Jayden used freshly picked flowers from their garden for all of the florals for their wedding day.
  • I got to capture Jayden picking sunflowers in the morning that were used as decorations for the ceremony.
  • I also got to capture Sheree and all her bridesmaids assembling the bouquets in the morning.
  • Jayden got ready at the farm where he and Sheree live. It is the largest lemon myrtle farm in Australia and Jayden’s dad planted pretty much all of the trees on the property.
  • Speaking of which, Sheree and Jayden’s cake was topped with lemon myrtle from their farm.
  • Sheree and Jayden’s 10 month old kelpie Luna played a big part throughout their day. Luna even made an appearance on the dance floor and was by Sheree and Jayden’s feet throughout the speeches. See how many times you can spot her in the gallery below!
  • Jars of honey harvested from Sheree and Jayden’s float hive on their farm farm were given as prizes during the reception.
  • Sheree made vegan meals for the guests with 100% of the veggies being sourced from their farm. Her lasagne was heavenly.
  • Some of the guests gifted Sheree and Jayden an Oyster mushroom growing kit that was bursting with beautiful pink shrooms (pic in gallery below).
  • Sheree originally had a wedding dress that just didn’t feel right for her. She ended up getting another dress that matched her personality better and it only cost her $150!
  • Sheree sewed all the napkins for the reception.
  • This one might sound somewhat cliche, but very rarely have I felt so much love at one wedding. Not just between Sheree and Jayden, but between all of the guests. It felt like everyone was hugging everyone post ceremony. There were so many beautiful, candid moments to capture.
  • I had a relatively short drive home from Tintenbar Hall. I happen to live in one of the most beautiful areas in the whole of Australia (The Tweed Hinterland). Shooting a large amount of my weddings in Queensland, I’m used to driving 2-3 hours home after a wedding. Shooting local felt great!

There is so much I could say about Sheree and Jayden’s DIY wedding but I’ll leave let the gallery of images below speak for themselves!

I loved getting the opportunity to photograph at the beautiful Tintenbar Hall which made for the perfect reception venue. And as always, it was a pleasure to work alongside Kelly from Fiddle Fig Films.

If you’re planning a DIY style wedding and looking for a photographer who is fun and can capture what it truly felt like to be a part of your wedding, then I’d love to be your photographer! Click here to get in contact and get the party started.