Best Gold Coast Wedding Venues

With a variety of new wedding venues popping up over the last few years, the Gold Coast is quickly becoming a prime wedding destination. If you want a ceremony with towering mountain ranges as your backdrop, a boho – tipi themed wedding, or a wedding that screams pure elegance, then the Gold Coast will not disappoint! Take a look at my top 9 outdoor Gold Coast wedding venues to find the perfect one for you. And best of luck with your wedding planning journey!

1. The Bower Estate

Melissa and Aiden's Bower Estate Wedding Sunset Portraits with Mountains in Bacground

Named the most picturesque hinterland wedding venue in the Gold Coast. The Bower Estate features sweeping views overlooking the mountains and feels like you’re in Jurassic Park. I haven’t photographed at an outdoor wedding venue on the Gold Coast where I’ve been so absolutely blown away by the scenery.

Pros: Apart from the views, there’s a beautiful bridal cottage on site for getting ready at and the reception area features a picturesque area for your guests to enjoy their cocktail hour.

Cons: There’s currently only one lot of accommodation for getting ready at, meaning one partner will likely have to get ready off site. Also, wet weather options won’t be able to feature the surrounding mountain views.

2. The Valley Estate

Bride and groom first kiss at The Valley Estate Glasshouse room

The Valley Estate is next level when it comes to elegance and luxury. The chapel is one of the nicest chapels the Gold Coast has to offer and the glasshouse, with its eclectic variety of plans, is a truly unique ceremony location. The Manor is huge, but more importantly, absolutely stunning. As a wedding vendor, I don’t think I’ve been treated so well by staff or had a better meal at any other outdoor Gold Coast wedding venue.

Pros: Both partners can get ready onsite at stunning locations. There are multiple wet weather ceremony options, just in case it rains.

Cons: Anyone wanting sweeping hilltop views may have to look elsewhere.  Having said that, there are plenty of beautiful locations onsite for portraits. This is likely the most expensive venue in this list (but worth it).

3. Rosewood Estate

Bride and groom walking with valley views at Rosewood Estate 1\\

I love Rosewood Estate. It feels like I’m on top of the world when I photograph at this venue. Whilst the Bower Estate sits nestled in the valley, Rosewood Estate sits on top, allowing sweeping views out to the Gold Coast coastline.

Pros: Breathtaking mountain backdrop for wedding ceremonies and portraits makes Rosewood Estate a picture perfect venue. I’ve photographed a wet weather ceremony under the marquee and it was still really beautiful.

Cons: The Homestead is nice with a few quirky decorations but feels a little dated in parts.

4. Pioneer Country

Bride and groom kissing at sunset on hilltop at Gold Coast wedding venue Pioneer Country

Whilst technically not in the Gold Coast, Pioneer Country is a stone’s throw to the Gold Coast airport. It’s a working cattle property that markets itself as an affordable venue for couples wanting a country wedding. With over 200 acres this venue feels like you’re miles away from suburbia.

Pros: The sunsets on the hilltop are amazing. The chapel acts as a wet weather backup option for couples wanting an outdoor ceremony.

Cons: Whilst Coolongatta is less than a $20 Uber trip away and has plenty of accommodation options, there are no options for getting ready on site at present.

5. Braeside at Gin House Creek Estate

Niki and Josh First Kiss at Braeside Estate Wedding by Sam Wyper Photography

Braeside Estate, to me, feels like the Fig Tree Restaurant of the Gold Coast. It boasts a stunningly huge fig tree (awesome for photos), a beautiful outdoor ceremony location as well as a chapel. There are so many beautiful spots on location for portraits. I even love the driveway as a photo location with its white gravel that glows in the photos.

Pros: The Pavillion, a recent addition at Braeside Estate, is absolutely breathtaking and can seat up to 120 guests. As a photographer, it is vey hard to take a bad photo at this stunning venue.

Cons: The chapel, which doubles up as a wet weather option, can feel a little crammed with large amounts of guests. Without space to move at the sides it can be somewhat limiting for photos and video. There is no getting ready options onsite, with the closest options being Surfers Paradise.

Check out a recent wedding I photographed from Braeside Estate here.

6. Gold Coast Farm House

Gold Coast Farm House Drone Wedding Photography at Sunset

One of my absolute favourite venues, The Gold Coast Farm House is nestled in the Numimbah Valley and feels like a secluded getaway. Weddings at this venue feel a bit more casual and I’ve rarely photographed a sit down reception under the tipi. I love weddings that feel like big parties and The Gold Coast Farm House does this extremely well.

Pros: Multiple ceremony locations means you’re spoilt for choice.

Cons: Only one getting ready option onsite with limited other options close by.

Check out some of my favourite images I’ve taken from Gold Coast Farm House here.

7. Coolibah Downs Private Estate

Bride and groom confetti ceremony exit outside Gold Coast wedding venue Coolibah Downs

Coolibah Downs Private Estate feels like a hinterland venue but is only located 10 minutes from the centre of the Gold Coast. It’s a beautiful property with a variety of stunning photo locations. Whilst a lot of couples opt for the chapel ceremony location, there are plenty of outdoor locations for your ceremony.

Pros: Offers accommodation, ceremony and reception at the one location.

Cons: The chapel is a bit tired and has poor lighting for photography.

8. Ancora Weddings

Alana and Matt's Ancora Wedding by Sam Wyper Photography

Like Pioneer Country, Ancora is technically located in NSW but is a stone’s throw from the Gold Coast. The reception space at Ancora is nice and bright with beautiful white tones, making it a perfect spot to celebrate.

Pros: Close to the airport and accommodation. As mentioned, the reception space has a very uplifting feel to it. Fingal Head, which is a go to for couples for their portraits, is one of the most spectacular photo spots on the whole of the East Australia Coast.

Cons: The ceremony area doesn’t feel very secluded, being near the main road. Plus the light can be very dappled when sunny, which can result in very contrasty photos. Whilst there are some portrait opportunities at Ancora, they are limited, with the best nearby location being Fingal Head which is a 15 minute drive.

Check out some of my favourite images from Ancora weddings here.

9. Summergrove Estate

Bride and groom at sunset on carpark at Summergrove Estate wedding venue

Summergrove Estate is by far one of the most beautiful venues in the area. Like Coolibah Downs, it has a chapel where a lot of couples get married, but also has stunning outdoor ceremony locations. Even though this venue borders the NSW/QLD border, Summergrove Estate is just too nice not to include in this list of my top 9 outdoor Gold Coast wedding venues.

Pros: Has multiple accommodation options on site. The views are fantastic and the reception area can fit up to 130 guests.

Cons: Seriously, there are none I know of. This really is a perfect venue in so many ways.

I hope you found my article on the top 9 outdoor Gold Coast wedding venues useful. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who knows these Gold Coast wedding venues intimately, I’m your guy! Get in touch via my contact form and let’s chat.