Melita + Steele’s Retro Style Wedding in Brisbane

I’m sorry, but this gallery of photos is big. Really big. Actually, I make no apology whatsoever. Melita and Steele’s retro style wedding at Sandgate Town Hall was absolute bonkers! With its jazz inspired, retro vibey goodness it was truly a musical fiasco of epic proportions.

Retro style wedding vibes!

Things I loved about Melita and Steele’s wedding:

  • The cocktail style, stand up reception. It’s so much easier to catch up with different people with a setup like this.
  • There was Indian food followed by gelato for dinner. A deliciously scrumptious and refreshing change from the usual wedding grub.
  • Steele’s groomsman performing the most beautiful song mid ceremony. Tear worthy stuff right there.
  • The band Pocket Love was absolutely amazing and inspired some seriously amazing dance moves. You’ll see.
  • Getting the opportunity to work with the infamous celebrant Roxy Hotten. She’s the cream of the crop! Defs check her out if you’re getting hitched!
  • Love was in the air. Well duh, it was a wedding. But Melita and Steele’s love for each other was next level palpable. You’ll see their amazing connection throughout the following gallery below.

Things I didn’t love:

  • It was hot as balls. I drank about 8 litres of liquids throughout the day. I don’t know how Steele and the boys managed in their suits.

Wedding at Sandgate Town Hall

Vendor Dream Team:

Here’s a big shout out to this dream team of vendors who made this amazing day possible:

Celebrant: Roxy Celebrant
Guitar Duo: Solstice Guitar Duo
Dress Boutique: Purple Pixie Alterations
Dress Designer: Luv Bridal
Hair Stylist: Vanessa Kay Makeup
Live Music: Pocket Love
Make Up Artist: Ellie Ross
Suit Designer: John Copley (Enclothed)
Venue: Sandgate Town Hall

If you’re planning a wedding at Sandgate Town Hall or just love the idea of a retro style wedding, then I’d love to be your photographer! Click here to get in contact and get the party started.