Pre Wedding Photo Shoots Are Awesome!

Sydney Engagement-Balmoral Beach

Five reasons why a pre wedding photo shoot is a must have for engaged couples!

I assume that if you’re reading this article then you are recently engaged. First of all, congratulations and a big high five!

I remember how ecstatic I was when my now wife proposed to me.  We were camped out under a meteor shower when she popped out the ring. It was a blissful feeling that signified a positive new phase in our relationship. Being a photographer, one of the first things I planned for was for a pre wedding photo shoot.

So what exactly is a pre wedding shoot?

A pre wedding photo shoot normally takes place three to six months before the wedding day. Essentially, it is a photo shoot that captures the connection and love a couple have for each other. The couple may decide to get dressed up in their wedding gear, or opt for something more casual. A pre wedding shoot is often a chance to get photos in a stunning location different to the wedding venue.

I’ve briefly discussed here why pre-wedding photo shoots are an essential for engaged couples. Keep reading here to read why pre wedding photo shoots are a must.

1. Build trust and confidence

Meeting in person for a pre wedding consultation is an essential part of building rapport with my clients. It’s one thing to meet over coffee with your photographer and chat about the ins and outs of your wedding – and how your mum has turned into a ‘mumzilla’! It’s another thing getting cosy with your fiancee in front of the camera.

Having a pre wedding photo shoot can help you both get rid of any nerves you might have about being photographed. Think of it like a rehearsal for the big day; having already rehearsed some simple poses, you will feel more confident and relaxed about getting your photo taken on your big day. When it comes to the portrait time on the day, you can both say with confidence: “Wedding portraits, no worries, we got this!”

Seeing how your photographer operates behind the camera is also important. This will help you to understand what’s in store when it comes to portrait time on your wedding day. And, once you see how beautiful you both look in your pre wedding photographs, you can rest assured your photographer will be able to capture your wedding photos the way you envisioned. This will also naturally translate into more relaxed and natural wedding photographs on your big day.

Paddington Reservoir Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

2. Establish your comfort level with your photographer

A pre wedding shoot also allows you to become in tune with your photographer and establish your comfort level. After reviewing your pre wedding photographs you might discover that there was one pose you weren’t keen on. You can therefore guide your photographer as to which images you would like taken on your wedding day.

Royal National Park Engagement Shoot

3. Allow your photographer to get to know you better

Not only is a pre wedding photo shoot beneficial for the couple, it makes a big difference to how your photographer approaches the photo shoot on your big day.  A pre wedding photo shoot gives your photographer a chance to observe your personalities and how they come across in photographs. By getting to know how you behave or react in a variety of situations, your photographer will be able to capture your quirky, unique personalities and the dynamics of your relationship on your wedding day.

4. Pre wedding photo shoots are a bunch of fun!

A pre wedding photo shoot is a great opportunity to relax and let your personalities shine through. Apart from the setting sun, there are relatively little time constraints. This means you can generally go through a pre wedding photo shoot at a fairly relaxed pace and embrace spontaneous moments as they happen.

Botanic Gardens Engagement Photography Shoot

5. Exploring meaningful or new locations

Choose a location that is meaningful to you and your partner. Steffi and Chris chose to have their pre wedding photo shoot at the family farm. From the beginning of their relationship, Steffi and Chris have been regular visitors and over the years have built up a plethora of fond memories with this location. The farm was the perfect place for Steffi and Chris to celebrate their recent engagement.

Personally, I prefer to shoot a pre wedding photos in environments that I haven’t been to before. I love the challenges that come with working in a new location and discovering its strengths and limitations.

Before a pre wedding shoot I will usually scout out the location beforehand so I can direct the couple to the best possible places. The image below was taken at Centennial Park in Sydney. By scouting the setting in advance, I was able to find the perfect spot by the water. This captured the amazing connection between Penny and Dave whilst featuring this beautiful location.

Centennial Park Couple Session

There you go, I hope you enjoyed and found useful my five reasons why having a pre wedding photo shoot is a must. This article is the first part of a small series I am writing on why pre wedding shoots are awesome. Click here to read how to rock your pre wedding shoot.

If you have recently become engaged and are interested in having Sam Wyper Photography photograph your pre wedding session, please get in touch here.