Natural Wedding Photography

Natural wedding photography involves capturing beautiful, natural and candid moments as they naturally unfold throughout your wedding day. The often fleeting moments that would otherwise be missed or forgotten.

I’m a big believer that your wedding images shouldn’t just show what happened at your wedding. They should show how it felt to be a part of the wedding.

Moments of tears, laughter and connection, these are the moments you and future generations will look back on with fonds memories and awe.

Ecco Ristorante Wedding

Natural wedding photography involves capturing all the different emotions as they naturally happen.

For this, I need a stealthy, yet candid approach without being invasive. This way raw and authentic moments can be successfully captured as they naturally happen.

Like this heartfelt moment when Poi’s mum embraced him after he tied the knot to the love of his life.

Natural wedding photography is all about capturing raw and authentic imagery that is genuine and not staged.

Natural wedding photography vs created wedding photography

A lot of the images in my wedding photography portfolio are what I call ‘created photography’. These are images where I provide a bit of guidance to couples with the goal of creating unique and often dramatic imagery.

Byron Bay Drone Wedding Photography

Some of these unique images may be from an aerial view with my drone, others may involve the use of off camera flash, like the image below.

Anita and Joy Night Portrait at Ottimo house

With created wedding photography, it is often about finding the right light with a compelling background, and then providing simple prompts to the couple. Think of it more like guidance rather than strict instructions.

Sam Wyper Photography Veil Photo

This is essentially what created wedding photography is. However, it actually forms a small part of what I do throughout a wedding day.

Most of what I do throughout a wedding is the natural style of wedding photography. That is, capturing beautiful and genuine moments as they naturally occur.,

Natural Wedding Photography and Epic Moments

Candid moments are likely to be the momentsĀ  you will treasure most over time.

Like the above where Lauren and her mother sister are having a gold old nervous laugh moments before Lauren walked down the wedding aisle.

Or more emotional moments like this one with Emily and her mother as Emily slipped into her wedding dress.

And of course when couples lose their shit after Dad’s hilarious but very embarrassing wedding speech.

Not to forget that moment when mum, dad and sister laugh in unison during the ceremony.

Carrington Hotel Wedding

Natural wedding photography also includes more epic moments, like David and Ian’s special moment on the dance floor at the conclusion of their first dance.

Toolaroo Farm Stay Wedding Byron Bay Bride and Groom Jumping in Pool

Or when Lauren and Daz decided to surprise their guests by jumping in the swimming pool at the end of the evening.Gold Coast Boho Wedding

Not all natural imagery involves epic moments. Often the soft, subtle moments that might go unnoticed are an important part of capturing a wedding.

Of course, epic moments like when the newly married couple do their big hurrah at the end of the ceremony are some of my favourite moments to capture.

Echoes Boutique Restaurant Wedding Reception

Natural Wedding Photography and Heartfelt Moments

Southern Highlands Wedding Bride and Grandmother

Heartfelt moments, like when Jemima’s 99 year old grandmother gave her the biggest embrace after the ceremony are priceless.

These types of heartfelt moments are my favourite moments to capture at weddings.

Like when David started tearing up upon seeing his wedding guests enter the ceremony .

And when his proud father gave him the hug of a lifetime and after his wedding speech.

Moments with those loved ones who are precious to us.

Moments that are once in a lifetime experiences. Like when David’s mother made an epic surprise return to the wedding reception after being rushed to the hospital earlier in the day.

Capturing natural looking wedding photography means, as a photographer, I have to constantly be aware of my surroundings, often anticipating moments before they happen.

Like getting the perfect composition for Jess and Matt’s epic first kiss.

Or being in that right spot where the light is perfect to capture that sweet moment with her bestie.

Knowing where to stand to capture the groom’s reaction as his partner walks down the aisle.

And capturing the expression of the bride and her parents as they walk down the aisle.

Moments you may have missed on your wedding day, or that happened so quickly you may have forgotten them without the visual reminder.

Not to forget that amazing Bollywood dance!

And those moments where you feel you are the only two people in the whole world.

Ultimately, your wedding photos will form part of your visual legacy. For your kids and grandchildren, it becomes their visual inheritance.

These are the photos you will look back on with teary eyes and remember with the fondest of memories.

If you’re looking for a natural wedding photographer who can produce stunning candid, yet creative and artistic photos, contact me here today to get the ball rolling.