Jess + Joel’s Boho Styled Hinterland Wedding

Jess and Joel’s wedding absolutely rocked!

First up, Joel the groom is actually a pretty amazing photographer himself. I was told he went to painstaking lengths to choose the ‘right’ photographer for his and Jess’s wedding. It certainly wasn’t like there was any pressure at all! But I’m sure glad Joel found me through what was likely countless hours of Instagram scrolling. And I hope I lived up to any expectations

The day before Jess and Joel’s wedding my family and I had been staying with in Maleny (with a bunch of alpacas) and it had been bucketing down with rain. I was sure their wedding was going to be an absolute slosh pit. But as turns out, being on the side of a mountain has it’s advantages and Jess and Joel’s wedding was actually pretty slosh free!

I loved how Jess and Joel brought their unique touches to their wedding. After their portraits session out came the slack line, djembes and fire twirling sticks. Their wedding really felt like an intimate gathering of close friends and family. I was only booked to stay until early evening and can only imagine the direction Jess and Joel’s wedding went as the evening progressed.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Megan and the team at Maleny Orchard and I can’t wait to be back there next year for Alana and Ryan’s wedding in September. I had also had a bunch of fun working alongside makeup artist Sophie from Women with Wings.

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