Wedding at Ancora

Alana and Matt's Ancora Wedding by Sam Wyper Photography

Alana and Matt’s wedding at Ancora had all the elements that come together to make a truly amazing wedding. First up, be sure to scroll to the end of the gallery to see their first dance. It was next level amazing. Think dirty dancing style, twirls, spins, you name it, it was in there. I also loved being able to capture their kids as a part of their wedding. Especially during the ceremony, there were some really hilarious, yet heartfelt moments to be captured. I’m also stoked Alana and Matt braved the weather and went to Fingal Head for their portraits. We were driving through torrential rain, all feeling very dubious. However, when we got there the rain parted and we had some really moody skies to add to their photo session.

Wedding at Ancora Photography

I recently received the most thoughtful review from Alana and Matt so I thought I’d include it here:

“Sam is an absolutely brilliant wedding photographer. He went above and beyond. We felt relaxed immediately upon meeting him because he had a wonderful energy and so much wisdom to share. In the lead-up to our wedding we received an array of tips from him, which covered timelines and deadlines for wedding tasks, supplier recommendations, on-the-day advice, and more. His well-timed emails kept us on track with arranging the big and small details of our wedding, which was much more than what we’d expected from a photographer.

On the day, Sam ran around (literally) capturing all the best moments and finding the best light, of our wedding. He worked so hard, was calm throughout, was directive and assertive when he needed to be (but never intrusive) and somehow it was as if he slotted right in like an old friend.

A number of guests commented about how much they appreciated his directive, warm and humorous nature (very important when you need to get the family and group shots!). And of course, our gallery of photos is superb. Sam has a real knack for capturing candid moments, light and shade, and beautifully framed images. We can’t recommend Sam enough! He’s worth every penny.”

Thanks so much for your kind words Alana and Matt! I can’t wait to come back to Ancora very shortly and help create some more magic!

A special mention to The Whole Bride for always providing the best confetti out there! And for Rowena Andrews celebrant who went above and beyond to help coordinate the family photos and help create a beautiful ceremony.

If you happen to be looking for a photographer who will be brave storms and capture beautiful candid moments of your kids as they run around your ceremony in never ending circles, I may be the one for you! Click here to send through a booking request and say hi!