View at Tiffany's Maleny with bride and groom at sunset

I don’t have favourite weddings….really. But Andrea and Christiaan’s wedding at Tiffany’s Maleny was absolutely freaking phenomenal!

Firstly, Andrea and Christiaan were two super lovely people spend the day with. Their energy was spontaneous, adventurous, playful yet highly emotive on their wedding day. It was a true pleasure capturing their unique personalities and love for each other.

I remember Christiaan at one point asking if they were the youngest couple I had photographed (to which I realised,  yes, indeed they were!) But in a sense, I felt like these two were old souls who clearly resonated on the same level and were somehow wise beyond their years. After all, Christiaan had worked his butt off up to the day before the wedding finishing his honours in medicine!

The thing I admired most about this couple was the unapologetically lack of reservedness they had in wearing their hearts on their sleeves. As you will see, tears, utter joy and romance abounded.

Tiffany’s Maleny Wedding Photography

Wedding Chapel at Tiffany's Maleny

As for a wedding venue, seriously, Tiffany’s Maleny was EPIC!!! The chapel with its views of the Glasshouse Mountains was simply divine. And ‘that tree on that damn hill just up the road’ had some of the most sensational views of any location I’ve photographed at. One more thing I’d like to say about Weddings at Tiffanys (and I don’t say this lightly), is that the staff were the most accommodating and friendliest out of any venue I have photographed at! Thanks team!

I should also pay tribute to Andrea and Christiaan’s awesome bridal party. I suspect they might have seen some of my previous ‘crack open a bottle of champers’ photos and took it upon themselves to outdo my previous bridal parties. Did they succeed? They certainIy succeeded in absolutely saturating themselves in champagne (which, let’s face it, there could be much worse things). I will however let you, the viewer, be the judge.

For a list of the dream team vendors, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who doesn’t care if your bridal party soak him in champagne then I might just be the photographer for you. Contact me here and tell me all about how amazing your wedding is going to be!