The Orchard Estate Wedding

Holly & Matt Orchard Estate Wedding with Tipi at Night

The Orchard Estate Wedding Photography

Holly and Matthew’s The Orchard Estate wedding was blissful. Think stunning tipis, amazing Byron Bay hinterland sunsets and lots of boho vibes. But it’s almost a miracle this wedding actually happened…

It’s definitely not every couple who would plan to travel all the way from Canada to Australia in the middle of a global pandemic in order to get hitched. But this didn’t put Holly and Matthew off. In fact, when they arrived in Australia they had to quarantine for two weeks in a Sydney hotel. Now that’s dedication! But as fate would have it, a guest on the floor above them in the hotel got diagnosed positive for Covid. And it turns out that if Holly and Matthew hadn’t got off the bus last when they arrived at the quarantine hotel, they would have ended up on the floor above and would have had to further quarantine and would have missed their wedding. So yes, when you put those two factors together it really does seem nothing short a miracle that their beautiful wedding could take place.

Holly & Matt Orchard Estate Wedding by Sam Wyper Photography

The Orchard Estate Wedding Photographer

Some of my favourite things about Holly and Matthew’s The Orchard Estate wedding was the amazing naked tipi by Maka tipis. The tipis looked absolutely blissful in the setting sun and made for some amazing images at night time.

I also love a wedding with a kombi van. I used to have dreams about buying a kombi and travelling around in it. I’m always so happy when I see that kombis are still a thing!

Boho weddings always have a super nice vibe to them as well. I’m usually not one to swoon over details too much but I definitely was at this wedding.

And lastly, that sunset! There’s something truly magical that happens when the sun peaks through the clouds just over the horizon. Everything lights up a beautiful orangey pink and the photos are that little bit extra 🔥🔥🔥

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