Pier One Wedding

There are so many things I could say about Laura and Poi’s Pier One wedding. I could talk about the never ending tears shed during Laura and Poi’s ceremony. I could rave about how the light and location during their portraits was next level amazing. The Tongan traditional dancing also blew my mind to pieces. Even the fact that the groom opened the door on me while I was taking a number 2 would have made for a pretty damn good laugh. But I feel the story that needs to be told is the story behind how Laura and Poi first met. Like any good romance story, Laura and Poi’s story involves travel, a splash or two of vodka and late night skinny dips under starry, starry skies. Here’s their story:

Pier One Wedding Photography

Laura happened to be holidaying with her cousin on the beautiful island of Tonga. One night at a restaurant she happened to spot this ridiculously good looking guy from across the room. And well, that ridiculously handsome guy would turn out to be the love of her life who she would later end up marrying in Sydney. But let’s not jump too far ahead just yet…

You may think it was Laura who made the first move. She did after all spot Poi. It was however, Poi who made the first move. Laura mustn’t have been trying to hide her affection for Poi  because not long after they locked eyes, he was the one who came over to introduce himself. Being a bit shy, Laura’s cousin did most of the talking. Luckily, Laura and Poi exchanged numbers and that’s where it all started. They then found themselves spending a truly romantic next week together.

When Laura boarded the plane to leave Tonga, she burst into tears, devastated by the possibility of not seeing Poi again. In fact, she said she pretty much spent 4 days straight balling her eyes. Luckily, with a bit of luck and perhaps some synchronicity, Poi was able to borrow a phone from his friend to contact Laura. As soon as Laura touched down in Sydney her phone started ringing! In a state of utter excitement and disbelief, Laura tells me she pretty much lost it. Three weeks later, Laura and Poi met again, only this time in Fiji. My favourite part of Laura and Poi’s story was hearing about their vodka infused night trips to the beach. There, they snuggled up next to bonfires and skinny dipped under crystal clear night skies. The stuff movies are made of, right!?

Fast forward to now, after having spent only a brief amount of time with these two, I can honestly say that these two absolute legends were totally meant for each other.

Sydney Wedding Photographer

Laura, when I first met up with you and Poi you said two things to me a number of times. First, you kept telling me how good looking your now hubby is (the photos are proof of that)! And second, you kept saying you had big visions for your wedding photos. In fact, you wanted epic photos! I truly put my heart and soul into creating thee images for you both. I hope they are everything you wished for 🙂

If you’re looking for a Pier One wedding photographer who can produce candid and natural imagery with a creative flare, then I’d love to hear from you. Contact me here for a quote today. Psst… I also love photographing weddings in Byron Bay, Brisbane, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains and beyond.


Vendor Love:

Hair and makeup: @helensotismakeupartist

Wedding dress: Oleg Cassini

Reception: Pier One