Peterson House Wedding

Peterson House Wedding Bride and Groom in Chapel

Laura and Steve’s wedding day was absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been super excited about this particular wedding because, whilst I’ve shot quite a few small weddings lately, this was my first full day wedding since Covid. And Laura and Steve’s Peterson House wedding did not disappoint in the slightest.

Peterson House Wedding Photography

Peterson House is a ridiculously stunning venue. I’m sucker for unusual architecture. The chapel, with its unique design, sandstone interior and stunning floral arrangements was truly atmospheric. The marquee is another great new addition to Peterson House since I last photographed at this venue. To all couples deciding on whether to choose the marquee or restaurant for their reception, I definitely recommend the marquee!

One thing in particular that was a pleasant surprise was that Laura and Steve’s wedding felt like a completely normal wedding. And by that I mean non-Covid wedding. Covid hardly seemed to affect the vibe on their wedding day. Sure, there wasn’t a dance floor but there was a really strong and serene energy that pervaded throughout the entire day. Although of course, my experience was obviously very different from Laura and Steve who had a number of close guests unable to attend due to border restrictions. There were some really emotional moments that came out of these absences however. I was very happy to have captured Laura’ connecting with her virtual wedding guests straight after the ceremony. Be sure look out for this emotional and heartfelt moment below!

As a couple, Laura and Steve were so lovely, down to earth, and chilled. I’m the kind of photographer that tends to attract the chilled out couples. However, I think I can honestly say Laura was the most chilled bride ever!

Speaking of being chilled, I was super grateful that Laura and Steve were happy to roll with my ‘out of the box’ photographic ideas during the evening. One thing I have learnt as a photographer is that it pays to constantly remain curious of your surroundings throughout the entire day. This curiosity led me to go exploring during a quiet moment during the reception.

Candid and Creative Wedding Photography

On my explorations, I couldn’t help but notice that the chapel was still lit up with all of the flower petals still on the floor. I immediately went to find Laura and Steve and convinced them to hit the deck whilst I pelted flower petals at them (I seriously have the bet job!). What resulted was a truly serene and peaceful portrait that is featured above. Thanks for trusting me with my quirky ideas Laura and Steve!

Laura and Steve did an epic sparker exit to finish off the evening. I was saying to Laura and Steve that at nearly every sparkler exit I have photographed there is someone who manages to light all of the sparklers at once. We had a bit of a laugh about this. Lo and behold, a few minutes later one of the guests had created her own personal little bonfire with the sparklers. The cool thing is that this really added an intensity to the exit photos. Thanks Mel!

All in all, Laura and Steve’s Peterson House wedding was beautiful in so many ways.  Their wedding was a true to testament to the fact that weddings during the time of Covid can be just as intimate, warm and lively as non-Covid weddings.

If you want to see who the incredible vendors for this wedding are, make sure to keep scrolling to the end of this gallery!

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