Parklands Blackheath Wedding

Emily and Mick’s Parklands Blackheath Wedding was an incredible day filled with modern chic vibes and an added touch of classic.

Parklands Blackheath Wedding Photography

Cool fact: Emily and Mick both have something in common. They both are carpenters! When I first met up with them in their office in Sydney’s northern beaches, they told me that they both planned to build their own wedding arbor. From then on I pretty much knew this was going to be a unique wedding. And their arch was absolutely stunning. To top it off, Mick’s cousin at Desert Rose spent three days preparing the floral decorations for their wedding. Such dedication! The floral details were next level amazing and coupled with Emily’s stunning wedding dress created a real modern chic vibe.

Emily and Mick were just the loveliest, down to earth couple. I loved their calm and relaxed approach to the day (Emily was definitely a bridechilla!) There were so many beautiful moments of love, connection and laughter to capture at this amazing Blue Mountains wedding. One of my must get photos was of Mick’s grandad who Mick told me I won’t be able to miss due to his amazing kilt he would be wearing. Well, he wasn’t wrong! 

Parklands Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer

Perhaps the most memorable parts of the day was their entrance to the wedding reception. I’ve never seen anything like it! I knew there was drumming happening at some point in the evening. However, what I didn’t know (and I’m not sure the bride and groom even knew) was that upon their reception entrance there would be traditional Lebanese Dabke dancing, straight off the bat! It was wild, full of energy and high intensity. I don’t think reception entrances will ever be the same for me now!

Emily and Mick, you guys know how to throw an amazing party. Thanks so much for having me as your wedding photographer. It was truly wonderful being a part of your special day and I can’t wait to share your full gallery with you! x

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