My Little Outback Family Holiday

Outback Drone by Sam Wyper PhotographyWhat you see here is definitely not a wedding. Rather, I thought I’d break the mould and show something entirely different. Namely, my little family holiday in the outback. Or as my wife Corinne just blatantly pointed out, maybe it should called our BIG family holiday. We did just drive a full 4 days to get back from our trip!

In the lead up to and during the trip, I had a lot of comments from both friends and photographers (they can be and the same), saying “we can’t wait to see the photos!” In a sense I couldn’t help but the feel the tiniest bit of pressure, kind of like, your photos are going to the bomb. Or maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Moving on….

When it comes to taking photos in my personal life, I’m a big believer in quality over quantity. In fact, I honestly rarely take photos outside of the weddings I shoot. As much as I do love being behind the camera and capturing what I hope will be compelling images, I do feel that spending too much time behind the lens can really take a person out of the present moment. So what you see in this gallery is really a small snippet of my family’s little, epic adventure to the outback NT. During those times I did decide to have camera in hand, I would take full advantage and photograph whatever surrounded me, mainly Corinne, her brother Jared and my son River, as well as the textures + big landscapes that make up the outback. Other days I don’t think I even looked at my camera let alone touched it.

And yes, this is quite a decent sized gallery. And it likely looks messy. I mean, where’s the narrative that I so diligently try to convey in all my other blog posts? Rather than create a narrative (which given that on certain days my camera stayed in its bag just wouldn’t have worked), in this gallery I’m really trying to show what our trip felt. The wonder of this crazy, unique and ancient landscape that is a part of our amazing country. Those little in between, often quirky moments one has when spending probably way too much time with their immediate family members.

This is likely first and foremost an entirely selfish post also. I thought what not a better place for me to have my images where I can easily access them in a presented form that my website. But for any outside viewers, I hope this gives you an appreciation of not only our country, but on a personal level, some of things I truly value. And if you think, what’s with the bloody twig pictures, and there’s too much damn similar landscape pics, that’s fine too. Perhaps check out my recent wedding posts.

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a very lovely day and take care everyone ?