Megan & Daniel’s Country Wedding

I’ve talked in previous posts about how much I love country weddings. There’s something really special about them – the slower pace, the overall feel of the day. It’s hard to pin point exactly. Perhaps one of the nicest things is that I get to travel to beautiful locations and see places I would have otherwise never have seen. And if I’m to go one step further, not only places but seeing different times of day – namely sunrise. There’s something truly magical about driving out in the country when the sun first rises and appreciating how the warm sunlight hits the mountains, illuminating only the peak. Or how the sun lights up tufts of grass from behind, creating beautiful, soft, shadowy textures and that backlit perspective us photographers love.

The above was exactly my experience when driving to Megan and Daniel’s wedding. I arrived feeling a strong sense of awe over how amazing our natural world is. In fact, I think it was the appreciation from these backlit fields of tall grass in the morning that gave me the idea to capture the image above.

Okay, I’ll try and hone in a little before I go a little too Zen for some of you. Megan and Daniel’s wedding was truly beautiful. They got married at a friend’s private property and had their reception in a small town hall. And I really loved the simplicity of it. Not having a traditional venue with strict timelines is very liberating in a lot of ways. Another great thing about Megan and Daniel’s low key wedding was the pizza truck. I honestly get so excited about weddings with pizza trucks. Not only because I’m a pizza fiend, but it’s always indicative of a chilled out, down to earth wedding (my favourite type of wedding by far)!

Some other things I loved about this wedding was the location and window light at Megan’s prep. I don’t often get such dramatic light but when I do I lap it up as much I can. The beautiful sandstone walls were a nice change from some of the white walled hotels I often shoot in!

Megan Daniel's Country Wedding

I was also pretty stoked to have another opportunity to work on my astro photography shots. This is only the third wedding I’ve tried this and each time has been an improvement from the last. I’ve been watching Lost In Space whilst editing my images lately so perhaps this is where my inspo has come from with the photo above.

One of the other elements I really appreciated was being able to capture Megan and Daniel’s son as a part of their special day. I always gravitate strongly towards weddings where kids are involved. I love the additional challenge of capturing the quirks, uninhibited personalities and pure joy that kids bring to weddings. Heck, I’ve even got my own gallery devoted to kids at weddings which you can see here. But before you do that, I hope you enjoy Megan and Daniel’s truly stunning and heartfelt country wedding.

If you’re looking for a fun and adventurous wedding photographer who will risk a snake bite getting down low in long grass for you, then I’d love to hear from you. Click here to send through a booking request and say hi!