Hampton Estate Wines Wedding

Hampton Estate Wines Wedding at Sunset

Hampton Estate Wines Wedding Photography

Claire and Felipe’s Hampton Estate Wines wedding was the perfect blend of modern romance, epic golden hour, and Colombian salsa vibes.

When Claire and Felipe first contacted me I was surprised how much enthusiasm they had about finding their right photographer. And this enthusiasm lasted right through their wedding day. There was a slight bit of pressure felt on my end but I was definitely up for the challenge of creating the epic wedding photos they envisaged. I hope I delivered, Claire and Felipe!

Being a dad with a 2 year old, I tend to be a sucker for weddings where the couple have children. There’s just a whole other dimension that I get to capture. So it was a real pleasure to capture some beautiful and heartfelt moments of Claire and Felipe with their daughter Amara.

It’s funny some of the things you learn about couples when you photograph their wedding. One rather scary thing I learnt was that previously, Felipe had decided to go hang gliding off Tamborine Mountain. Unfortunately he didn’t have quite enough expertise up his sleeve and ended up falling out of the sky and into the trees. Luckily emergency services were able to rescue him and he lived to tell the tale. And yet, this is the exact spot Felipe wanted to go to for his and Claire’s portrait session. And hey, the views are friggin phenomenal. But still, hat’s off to Felipe! I don’t know how I’d feel about getting my weddings pics at the spot where I nearly plunged to my death!

Hampton Estate Wines Wedding Reception

Hampton Estate Wines Wedding Photographer

A quick word for couples looking to have a Hampton Wines Estate wedding. It is really, really awesome! I loved the glasshouse as a ceremony location and the reception area with it’s candlelit ambience is simply divine. But the reception area is one of the more difficult locations I’ve photographed of late. This is due to it being quite dark. I’m not by any means suggesting don’t have your reception here. It’s actually one of my favourite receptions locations to date! You just want make sure your wedding photographer is very experienced at shooting low light receptions.

The use of the venue’s spotlight for Claire and Felipe’s salsa style first dance looked like a Hollywood production! It was next level amazing! But again, I’m glad it was me photographing it now and not me photographing 3 year ago. So if you’re looking for a Hampton Estate Wines wedding photographer I strongly recommend looking at how they capture the reception part of the day at this venue.

As for getting ready, Claire got ready in room 6 and Felipe in room 8.  Room 6 turned out to be a lovely room with awesome window light. Room 8 didn’t’ have the best light. So any brides getting ready at the venue, room 6 is a pretty good option to go with with more open lighting options. Room 8 is a little too dark so perhaps avoid this room 😉

Thanks heaps Claire and Felipe for having me as a part of your special day. Thanks for laughing so much, being so lovely to spend the day with, and being up for a bit of adventure.

If you’re looking for a Hampton Estate wedding photographer who can capture 3 minute sunsets with super fast ninja precision then I’d love to hear from you. Click here to send through a booking request and say hi!