Gordon Country Wedding

Gordon Country Wedding by Sam Wyper Photography

Tegan and Harry’s Gordon Country Wedding was one of the most fun, unique and heartfelt weddings I’ve photographed to date! (Big call, I know)! It’s kind of hard to describe in some ways. It was just the feeling that their wedding had. I know this is going to sound so totally cheesy, but there was just so much love. I’m not just talking about between the bride and groom (although there was plenty of that, believe me)! The warmth, love and connection between all of their guests and kelpies – their whole wedding just felt like one big love festival.

Gordon Country Wedding Photography 

Here are 7 really awesome things I enjoyed about Tegan and Harry’s Gordon Country Wedding.

1. DIY florals. That’s right, Tegan made her own wedding bouquets! And they were ridiculously stunning!
Gordon Country Wedding Bridal Party

2. Tegan and Harry’s Kelpie family of four. And they were all there at the wedding. Being a dog lover myself I was kind of in heaven capturing a ceremony where every angle I looked there were dogs. There was even a dog sitting on Tegan’s wedding dress during the ceremony! And I won’t forget when one of their dogs ran over Tegan’s wedding dress at the end of their portraits, leaving paw marks all over her dress ?

I make no apologies for having so many doggie pics in this post!

3. Working with a new celebrant from The Marrying Kind. The Marrying Kind are an awesome collective of 6 Brisbane based celebrants who describe themselves as “A menagerie of tight AF celebrant sisters.” I’m sure you get the gist, they’re pretty rad! Working with Liz Jelléy of Country Wed was awesome. Right from the get go, she approached me and made sure we were going to work together seamlessly. And we did! For you all our lovers looking at getting hitched, definitely check out Liz! She’s amazing!

Gordon Country Wedding Photographer

4. Tegan and Harry’s reception entrance. Harry leap frogged over Tegan as a part of their epic entrance. The thing is, Harry is a tall guy. You’ll see as soon as you scroll down. So this acrobatic feat was just that little bit more epic that it sounds. Thankfully he didn’t get caught in the fairly lights and land splat on his face. Phew!

5.  The OMG they’re pregnant moment! Tegan had me make the unexpected announcement to everyone during the whole group wedding photo that Tegan was pregnant! It was an epic, beautiful and really emotional moment that I was stoked to be a part of.

6. The smashing looking akubra that Tegan gifted Harry on their wedding day which I was swooning over the whole day.

7. Cowgirl boots. Look below. I need say no more!

Cowgirl Boots at Gordon Country Wedding

As I’m typing this Tegan and Harry are honeymooning in WA and making me insanely jealous with their beach filled Insta posts. After sharing their slideshow with them I received this beautiful feedback from Harry that totally reaffirmed why I do what I do:

“Sam, I just wanted to say how thankful I am of the job you have done and are still doing with these photos. You absolutely nailed it and I am so, so, so happy and grateful of the job you did and are still doing. You are such a genuine person and I’m so relieved we had we had someone like you capture our day. Everything went perfectly!”

Tegan and Harry – thanks so much for having me as your wedding photographer. You were a dream couple to photograph and I can’t wait to see lots of Insta pics of your little bubba getting tonnes of kelpie kisses!

If you’re looking for a Gordon Country wedding photographer who will capture the heart of your wedding then I’d love to hear from you. Click here to send through a booking request and say hi!