Gold Coast Farm House Wedding

Hayley & Dale at Gold Coast Farm House Wedding by Sam Wyper Photography Rain PortraitHayley and Dale’s Gold Coast Farm House Wedding was filled with endless laughter, a tonne of love, and a dance floor that rocked the whole Numinbah Valley!

I originally got to know Hayley and Dale when we did an engagement shoot at Tamborine Mountain in 2019. Their love of the outdoors, nature and animals, and down to earth vibes really resonated with me. There was definitely a journey we went through with Covid postponements so when the their wedding finally came around I was super invested in making sure they had the best day possible.

For a while it certainly looked like the odds were against us. Hayley and Dale got married on a freakishly, one in a hundred year, extreme weather type of day. Just over the border the whole of NSW was in an absolute deluge of rain and flooding. I’d heard stories of a couple who were due to get married on this very day but their house washed down a river! (My heart truly goes out to the poor people). The forecast in the few days prior to Hayley and Dale’s wedding was a like a swinging pendulum. It swung from up to 30mm of rain to 120mm a couple of days before the big day. I was prepared for an absolute wipe out. And of course I was to capture it in all its chaotic glory.

Gold Coast Farm House Wedding Photographer

As it turned out, in what felt like nothing short of a miracle, the weather gods spared us. It spitted a bit during the ceremony, but nothing more than a tease of what was to come. The portraits session was definitely rushed, as the threat of an outpour was constantly present. Every drop felt like the beginning of an armageddon downpour. But we made it through to the other side, albeit a bit muddy. After the portraits we all had a huge, collective sigh of relief. It wasn’t until 10pm the skies finally opened up. To say it was torrential feels like an understatement. This didn’t stop me from getting some epic rain portraits however!

What didn’t get spared was Hayley’s wedding dress. The bottom of her dress was black with mud. You’ll see in the first dance photos. But you know what, I always know it’s been a killer wedding when the bride’s wedding dress is dirty! Hooray for adventurous couples!!!

There was so many other amazing and memorable moments throughout the day. Here’s just a few:

1. Hayley’s bridesman. Or broman? Whatever. Hayley’s brother made an appearance for the bridal prep and donned a bridal robe. He blended in remarkably well, although I don’t know how he’d feel about my seeing that. The chest hair bulging from the robe was something truly special 😝

2. Dale’s tattoo. Unbeknown to Hayley, Dale had her name tattooed on his finger wedding before the wedding day. He had done a remarkable to hide it until she put the ring on his finger. Her reaction, pure gold!

3. Their dogs. I loooooove dogs at weddings. In fact, I may have at times been guilty of capturing more dog photos than human photos (just kidding!) But when couples can have their fur babies at their wedding it definitely adds something really extra special to the day.

Gold Coast Farm House Wedding Lavender Toss

4. The lavender toss. The idea was for the guests to throw lavender as Hayley and Dale walked back down the aisle after the ceremony. But, for whatever reason, it didn’t happen. The school teacher side of me then came into play. I had the idea that if everyone gathered around the couple and showered them in lavender it would make for an amazing moment. As it turned out this is by far one of my favourite wedding photos I have taken to date 😁

Gold Coast Farm House Wedding Photography

By the end of the night I started to realise what a rowdy bunch Hayley, Dale and their wedding guests were. The dance floor was going off, tequilla shots were a plenty, and the drunken singing likely reverberated all the way to Surfers Paradise. Honestly, I really love capturing weddings late into the night. Being able to capture people when their guards are well and truly down, when they are having the absolute time of life. A wedding is not complete without this I think.

I did start to worry when Dale’s groomsmen picked him up and were getting ready to throw him into the dam. Poor Dale’s mum came to his rescue and persuaded the boys to calm down a bit. Hey, it would have made for a great photo but for his sake I’m kind glad Dale stayed dam water free on his wedding night.

All in all, you can probably tell by just how much I have written that I friggin loved every single second of this Gold Coast Farm House Wedding. Thanks Hayley and Dale for being so awesome on your wedding day. And a special bravo for braving the rain for some night photos when you were both so hammered. You guys are the best and I hope the headaches weren’t too bad the next day.

If you’re looking for a Gold Coast Farm House wedding photographer who will capture you and your dog’s tears, laughter joy, then I’d love to hear from you. Click here to send through a booking request and say hi!