Emily Tom The Warehouse Brisbane Wedding 2

The Warehouse Wedding ⫸ featuring Emily + Tom

Usually you’ll find me on weekends at a hinterland venue, chasing sunsets with newlyweds whilst frolicking amongst the hills. Whilst this is probably where I feel most at home, I’d been super excited to shoot Emily and Tom’s wedding urban/city chic styled wedding at the Warehouse in Fortitude Valley. I loved having a different set of challenges that go with urban weddings. For starters, there is so much more symmetry, like literally everywhere you look. It became a bit of a running joke, I told Emily and Tom, “Being a photographer I’m obsessed with symmetry!” So every time when we came across an intricately patterned wall, it was like, “here goes Sam again.”

It was also great to have the opportunity to create different types of images (like the one above). I kinda like the slightly grungy element that goes with warehouse weddings as well. And I’m definitely not used to having to dodge candles on the ceremony floor. How I managed to miraculously avoid kicking over the candles mid ceremony or during all the hugs post ceremony I simply don’t know.

Emily and Tom’s wedding was so incredibly beautiful and special in so many ways. There were some bitter sweet elements also unfortunately. Thanks to Covid (we’ve had enough now), many of Emily and Tom’s nearest and dearestunable to attend. Despite this setback, it really did feel like there was so much love at this wedding. There were so many heartfelt moments and I know it’s been an extra special wedding when I get teary when I put together the slideshow together.

The Warehouse Wedding Photography – Fortitude Valley

For this wedding, I had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Brisbane’s best celebrant – Rachel Green from Two Small Words. I shot my first ever Brissy wedding alongside Rachel a few years ago, back when I was the newest kid on the block. Because of this I feel like I have a natural affinity for Rach. But seriously, Rachel is so, so amazing. She’s funny, creative and very down to earth. Go check her out couples! She’s a rare find!

Another thing I particularly liked was Tom’s dapper style. Anyone who wears a green Wil Valor jacket to their wedding with an orange bowtie instantly has my respect. (Incidentally, Tom is the only person I’ve met whose favourite colour is orange).

A special mention to Bianca and the staff from The Warehouse who treated me so, so well. They made sure I had a sufficient amount of beer for the night (imperative for creating awesome photos), made sure I was fed at a a sensible time, and showed me some of the best photo op spots.

Emily and Tom, you guys are awesome. I really loved not only photographing your wedding but being a part of your special day. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for having and trusting in me!!!

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