Emily and Abbey’s Tamborine Mountain Wedding

Emily and Abbey Tamborine Mountain Wedding

Deeply emotional, truly beautiful and damn right hilarious. These are the feelings I’m currently reliving whilst I’m putting together Emily and Abbey’s slideshow from their Tamborine Mountain Wedding.

Emily and Abbey had a very intimate micro wedding at the stunning Tamborine Mountain. I photographed this wedding in a pretty rough state to be honest. I had just driven back that from an epic wedding in Maleny the previous day. Thanks to a truly generous couple, I had had the awesome experience of staying overnight at the venue in Maleny. But the way things had aligned, right when I was ready to get my beauty sleep some of the wedding guests had a massive party right outside my front door. Needless to say, sleep was very scarce that night. However, after a delicious pumpkin soup and a few rounds of Wim Hof breathing, feeling very rejuvenated I rocked up to Tamborine Mountain Botanical Gardens ready to go for Abbey’s and Emily’s first look.

In my not so humble opinion, I’m glad I can say a previous rough night doesn’t get in the way of me performing at my best. With a bit of adrenaline and some unashamedly hoarding of Emily and Abbey’s food platter I was good to go!

Tamborine Mountain Wedding Photography

I keep seeing the phrase “it had all the feels” lately, which I, being guilty of previously cringing at and have never used before. Well, Emily and Abbey’s wedding really did have all the feels. Any of you who are familiar with my work will know that I’m a sucker for nose scrunches, belly laughs and nana hugs. From a truly emotional first look through to their epic sparkler exit, Emily and Abbey’s wedding had it all!

Here are some other super amazing things I loved about Emily and Abbey’s amazing wedding:

  • They cut their cake with a friggin sword!!!
  • The bridal party all had amazing purple attire. Being a huge purple fan, I was particularly frothing over the groomsmaid’s purple suit.
  • Capturing the flower girl jumping with joy as she threw petals down the aisle.

Psst, see if you can spot Abbey in the first image below, waiting for Emily during the first look 😉

Want to see the dream team of vendors that helped create this amazing day? Be sure to scroll to through to the end of the gallery.

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