Choosing Your Wedding Florist

Choosing a wedding florist bridesmaids with bouquets

The following article Choosing Your Wedding Florist – is a guest post by the amazingly talented Blooms by Bridie. If you are tying the knot in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast I highly recommend you check out her work here.


“Choosing the right florist can really change the look, atmosphere and experience of your Wedding Day.” – Bridie


Choosing Your Wedding Florist – Their Vibe / Communication

Ideally, your florist should be on the ball. Clear communication is essential to ensuring your day is seamless. Did you get a good feeling when you emailed or called your florist? Were they responsive in getting back to you? Was their response tailored to you and not just a generic ‘copy and paste’ job?

If you answered yes to those questions, you’re on the right track. A florist should be keen to get back to their potential clients and communication should be there from the get go. If they’re taking weeks to get back to you, imagine what future communication could feel like?

Early communication will be a great indicator that your Wedding Florist is there for you, wants to work with you and is organised. If you get ‘iffy’ vibes from them or feel like you’re just ‘another couple’, chances are they aren’t the florist for you.

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Choosing Your Wedding Florist – Price

Yep! We’re going there! Most florists understand that price is a major factor in who you choose for your wedding day. If you’ve gathered a few quotes, you may find that most come in at around the same price. Some may be more expensive, some less. I’m a believer that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Florists put in A LOT of work for your wedding. Any good florist will work in an hourly rate to their pricing so that they can pay themselves after your special day. That’s only fair, right? If you receive a quote that comes in significantly cheaper, you need to ask yourself a few things:

·•· Why is it cheaper? What will they do to ensure they have enough to pay themselves after your wedding? Will they use an inferior product or rush your arrangements?

·•· Are they less experienced? Do they have the skill to create your vision? Of course, everyone starts somewhere. If you want to support a florist who is new to business, that’s great. But if aesthetics is a big factor to you, understand that this often does come at a price.

·•· Are there any loopholes in their Terms and Conditions that can mean your quote may alter in price in the lead up to your wedding? Is the quoted price, what you’ll actually pay and inclusive of ALL elements such as delivery and set up?

Work out how much you’d like to spend and find a florist that is happy to work with your budget.

If you have a certain vision for your florals, a great Wedding Florist will help you find alternative options that will still give you the blooms you imagined, but more tailored to your budget.

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Choosing Your Wedding Florist – Their Style + Experience

Ultimately, you want to know that your florist can achieve the ‘look’ that you’re after. In saying that, I’ve known florists of 25+ years struggle with elements that a newbie has mastered in a matter of months.

Floristry has evolved a lot over the last few years and sometimes experience isn’t always the be all and end all. However, you do want to know your Wedding Florist can create your beautiful arrangements just how you’d like. This leads to style – is the style of their arrangements on their socials and website up your alley? Some florists chose to pop themselves into a little niche. If that’s your vibe, great, but is that all they can create?

On the contrary, just because you’ve seen a florist put up images of heaps of dried bouquets that are super on trend, doesn’t mean they won’t be able to create your garden inspired, whimsical bouquet.

Have a look through and see if they’re able to cater to a variety of floristry styles. If you see variety (and you like it), then the chances are you’ve found a florist who is confident to create any style floral arrangement.

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Choosing Your Wedding Florist – Honesty + Knowledge

You need to be able to have an honest, professional relationship with your florist.

Have they provided you with (prior to booking) their Terms and Conditions that outline the future planning process of your big day?

Are you aware of when your booking fees and payments are due and how often you need to may these payments?

Is your florist using images of their own work on their socials and websites so that you are fully aware of what they can create. (An exception to this is Pinterest boards where you supply images that we may use in your quotes as your inspiration).

Knowledge is another big aspect in choosing your Wedding Florist. You should get a pretty good idea in your first couple of emails if they know what they’re talking about. They may make suggestions to alternative florals that can be used due to your inspirational image having flowers that are out of season. Or they may suggest ways that you can put your florals to better use if you are budget conscious.

To me, these are big ticks as it means your florist cares about your big day and isn’t promising something they can’t deliver.

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Final Words of Wisdom

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Any reputable florist will be happy to answer simple questions prior to you booking their services. If you’d like to meet up to discuss ideas that’s great, if you’re happy with email consults, that’s great too.

Each florist is different and personally, I meet with approximately 15-20% of my couples, with the rest being happy with email consults (due to my awesome communication – hahah!) and phone calls.

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Remember that cheaper isn’t always better and so much goes on behind the scenes to make your florals come to life. The last thing you want to happen is to be disappointed with your flowers.

Most importantly, you need to feel comfortable with your decision and put trust in your florist that they are there to help you and make your day truly memorable.


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