Bower Estate Wedding

Bower Estate Wedding Photography bride with veil

Alicia and Ben’s Bower Estate Wedding was sooooo sooooo stunning. And wild and crazy, all at the same time!

However, their wedding was a long time coming. They were meant to get married in 2020 but we all know what a shit show of a year 2020 was. Luckily, the stars aligned this time around and Alicia and Ben’s wedding was phenomenal! But it was definitely very different to any other wedding I’ve photographed.

Bower Estate Wedding Photography

First of all, holy moly, the location!!! Driving through the valley to the venue felt like I was in Jurassic Park. And it continued to feel like that throughout the whole day. The Bower Estate is an insane venue! It’s surrounded by lush, soaring mountain ranges on both sides and when the sun sets over the mountain tops… pure magic!

Alicia and Ben, and their whole bridal party were absolutely hilarious also. I remember when the happy couple were “cutting their cake” (I use inverted commas because apparently with Covid restrictions you’re still not meant to actually cut a cake). They had a funny look on their faces, given how absurd and ridiculous the notion of a pretend cake cut is. I remember quietly joking to them “Ah screw it, just cut it”, not actually thinking they would. And to surprise they they did go screw it and cut their damn cake. I love the reaction from them in this moment.

I would have to say this is my first wedding where I’ve photographed more bridal party photos than couples photos. That was totally their vibe and I ran with it, and it was amazing. We were still thankfully able to capture the otherworldly light with the mountain backdrops during their bridal photos so I was one happy chappy.

Alicia had a pretty mean veil also, which I’m glad I got to showcase in the opening image above.

The one thing I will remember from Alicia and Ben’s Bower Estate wedding was that it felt like one big party. All the formalities at the reception were done pretty swiftly so everyone could make the most the dance floor. And did the dance floor go off! One of my favourite images of the day is Alicia’s bridesmaid and her grandad shaking their booty together and having the time of their life on the dance floor!

Thanks Alicia and Ben for having such a fun filled and epic wedding day!

Want to see the dream team of vendors that helped create this amazing day? Be sure to scroll to through to the end of the gallery.

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