A Very Muddy Tipi Wedding

Lucy and Dan Country Wedding by Sam Wyper Photography

Lucy and Dan’s tipi wedding wedding was beautiful, adventurous and utterly chaotic. The perfect combination for an amazing wedding!

I love the opportunity to travel to new and exciting locations. Lucy and Dan’s wedding was a 6 hour drive inland. For me, their wedding was about as country as country gets.

Lucy and Dan chose to married on their cattle farm, on a beautiful spot next to the river where they both like to spend their leisure time. I’m pretty sure I remember someone telling me this was the very spot Lucy and Dan decided to get married. So naturally this was the prefect spot for these two to get hitched.

As it turns out, mother nature wasn’t going to make it easy for Lucy and Dan to get married on their property. I remember in the week leading up to the wedding looking at the forecast, which was getting worse by the day. I couldn’t believe the Saturday was the only forecast wet day for the whole week! It wasn’t forecast to be just a drizzle. It was forecast to downpour!

The morning of the wedding I woke to the sound of rain on my tipi. I was aware the dirt roads were only newly constructed to make access ways for the wedding. Being only newly graded the roads quickly turned to a slippery slop in no time. I wasn’t able to drive out to get to the groom prep as the roads were so bad. So Dan’s dad came to collect me in his 4WD. Only he got bogged coming to get me. Luckily a tractor came to tow us to the main road. My son River, who is currently obsessed with tractors, was losing his marbles when the tractor came to pull me along. Thanks to a lot of team work I finally made it to the groom prep.

As luck would have it, the weather cleared up before the ceremony and Lucy and Dan were able to tie the knot at their original ceremony location. It was a bit of a spectacle watching all the 4WDs sliding sideways to get back to the ceremony. And yes, again the car I was in got bogged on route to the ceremony. My feet got totally submerged in wet mud getting my gear out the back of the 4WD. I was probably the most worst for ware looking wedding photographer in the whole of Australia that weekend. But don’t get me wrong, I was loving every second of the adventure 😉

I gained a real appreciation for country living being a part of this wedding. I did fail to keep up with some of the terminology around road grading though….. I was even called a city boy for living on the coast, even though I technically live in a regional area. It’s all  a matter of perspective though, right?

All in all, Lucy and Dan’s wedding was one of my most enjoyable weddings to date. Their wedding kind of felt like going to a music festival with all its tipis, portaloos and open paddocks. These country folk truly know how to party, that’s for sure! And on more than one occasion I was told how lame ‘city’ weddings are compared to country weddings. And you know what, they might be right in some ways with that one. There was definitely no noise restrictions or a venue curfew where we were.

Lucy and Dan Country Wedding by Sam Wyper Photography 75

Here are some other really amazing things that happened on Lucy and Dan’s wedding day:

  • On the drive in to the property on Friday night we saw a Barn Owl. They are so majestic!
  • The ring bearer was Lucy and Dan’s dog, who could jump up into Dan’s arms on call!
  • Lucy wedding dress got so muddy. But I always say you can judge how good a wedding was by how dirty the dress is!
  • The bridal party did the most epic reception entrances. You’ll see 👌
  • Our neighbours Ally & Jacob were the nicest people ever. They even made us coffee and tea after we braved the early morning camping shower.
  • Lucy invited my family to come along and for us all to stay in a New England glamping tipi. The tipis were amazingly comfortable and spacious. Thanks Lucy!
  • On multiple occasions I had drunken groomsmen putting their sweaty hats on my head, so I could look like a true country guy (this actually wasn’t so amazing) 😂
  • This one didn’t actually happen on their wedding day, but 3 weeks prior, the river rose so high with the flood that the whole of the ceremony area was a few metres under water. Knowing that definitely added a different perspective to the wet weather we had on the big day.

Thanks so much Lucy and Dan for not only having me as your wedding photographer but for wholeheartedly welcoming my family to your special day. Yours will be a wedding I’ll never forget. And I’d be stoked to make another trip to the country for another wedding.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who will still be in totally high spirits after getting bogged multiple times whilst getting covered in mud, then I’d love to hear from you. Click here to send through a booking request and say hi!