6 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know

1. You should think about what shots you want but put away the checklist.

Sounds almost counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Let me explain….

Don’t just google a checklist of wedding shots. Chances are you have hired your photographer because you love their work and the images they capture. Providing a photographer with a long checklist can actually detract from your wedding photos! As a photographer who focuses on capturing candid moments, having a checklist looming in the back of my mind will likely take me out the present moment where all the fun and action is happening.

It’s okay to have a small checklist of special guests or sentimental items that are unique to your wedding. Your photographer wants to capture the parts of your wedding day that matter most to you, so give it some thought and let them know what those moments or items are! But things like the grooms reaction as the bride walks down the aisle, or a picture of the wedding sign are things any wedding photographer worth their salt would capture and therefore don’t need to be listed.

You also shouldn’t try to force poses that feel unnatural to you. Think of your photographer as someone with a backstage pass to your wedding day. They’re there to observe and photograph the day as it unfolds while being involved as little as possible. Let them help tell your love story.

2. Ask your guests to put the phones away

There’s nothing that can ruin a photographer’s shot faster than a crowd of family and friends with their phones stuck in the air. Phones—or your amateur photographer uncle’s camera—can get in the way of the photographer you hired catching the perfect shot. Plus, they’re a huge distraction for you and all of your guests. It’s totally acceptable to include a note in your program or on your wedding website asking your guests to silence and put away their phones. After all, they came to watch you get married, not to record the whole event!

Byron Bay Drone Wedding Photography

3. Be open to creative and even unusual ideas

Maybe your venue isn’t as picturesque as you’d like, or there’s no gorgeous natural scenery nearby. Don’t worry—that’s why you hired a professional photographer! They’ll find ways to take beautiful photos against even the plainest backgrounds. Where you may see a dilapidated old shed, your photographer may see a rustic backdrop for your first photos as a married couple. Keep an open mind and trust your photographer to find the best spots for your photos!

Tooraloo Wedding Bridal Party at Sunset

4. Put some thought into your time and location

The time of your ceremony will have a huge impact on the photos you’re able to take. A ceremony just before sunset can be gorgeous, but that means that all the images captured afterward will have to be in the dark. And if you have a wedding in the middle of the day, the light may be too harsh. Talk to your photographer about the images you’re hoping to get and what time of day would be best. And be sure to let them know of any unique issues with your venue, like dim lighting, that can cause issues for photos.

5. Trust your photographer

You hired a professional for their expertise, skill, and creativity. Let them do their job! And understand that their job involves much more than just being there for your wedding day. They’ll spend hours editing your photos to look gorgeous, so they can present you with the best possible images. Be open with your photographer and talk to them about any concerns or hopes you have for your big day. After all, they want to make sure you get the best wedding photos that you can cherish for years to come!

Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens Wedding Sparkler Exit

6. We love it when you review us 😁

Many wedding photographers run small boutique businesses and therefore rely on awesome reviews from the couples they’ve photographed. Your photographer will likely email you with a link where they would like reviews left. Leaving a review on Google, Facebook or Easy Weddings is a great way to show your gratitude and make a photographer’s day!

Bonus tip: copying and pasting one review to a different review platform can be done in a matter of seconds!