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Korooomba Lavender Farm Wedding Drone PhotoIf you want great aerial shots, I offer professional aerial wedding photography Brisbane couples can depend on to capture their special day perfectly. As a creative wedding photographer, I am always looking to capture interesting and unique angles for the couples I photograph. I recently acquired a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone for exactly this purpose. I’ve been absolutely amazed at what the Mavic Pro 2 has delivered so far. The images it produces are absolutely incredible and have taken my wedding photography to the next level!

Why the Mavic Pro 2?

Yamba Pre Wedding Photo Shoot with Drone

In my opinion, the DJI Mavic Pro 2 is the perfect drone for aerial wedding photography Brisbane and surrounds will ever experience. Unlike heavier drones that can be tiring and slow to lug around, the Mavic Pro 2’s  light weight means it can easily be carried around during the portrait session. It also comes with an amazing Hassleblad lens with a 20 megapixel sensor, enough pixels to make a stunning print to hang on your wall!

Byron Bay Drone Wedding Photography

The other amazing benefit of my Mavic Pro 2 model is that, unlike many other drones used by wedding photographers, the drone I use comes with a smart controller. Basically, a smart controller is a handheld device that allows me to see the images in real time and control the direction of my drone. Its main advantage however is that it allows for a quick setup when operating a drone at weddings. Up until now, a photographer would typically have to connect their controller to their phone and wait a number of minutes for a connection to be established. This would also mean hoping the photographer’s phone was fully charged!

The smart controller can bypass this step, allowing for little if any time setting up the drone during the precious portrait time.

Southern Highlands Drone Wedding Photography

Typically I will use the drone only a couple of times during a wedding day. Whilst I’ll never use the drone during your ceremony (as they do make a bit of sound), I will often use it to take an establishing shot of your venue and/or ceremony location.

Gold Coast Farm House Drone Wedding Photography

The other time when the drone really shines is during the portrait session. The ability to get a birds eye perspective can add an extra ‘wow’ factor to your images and can be the source of envy of your mates who didn’t have drone wedding photographs for their wedding.

Elopement Photography at Wategos Beach near Byron Bay

Kooroomba Lavender Farm Wedding

Lisa and Joel Drone Photos at Kooroomba Lavender Farm by Sam Wyper Photography

Byron at Byron Resort Wedding Photo

Drone Photography at Preston Peak Winery by

Gold Coast Hinterland Elopement at Cougal Cascades

Drone Wedding Photography at Gold Coast Wedding

Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat Wedding Photos by Sam Wyper Photography with Drone

Gordon Country Wedding by Sam Wyper Photography

Claudia and Chris Wedding at Byron at Byron Crystalbrook Resort

Drone Wedding Photography

Drone usage is inclusive in all my full day wedding photography packages. For the most part, the only time I won’t be able to use the drone is if we’re in a drone restricted area (near airports), time restrictions don’t allow or if the winds are really strong. But for most weddings, especially ones with wide open spaces, we’re good to go! So if you want amazing aerial wedding photography Brisbane and surrounds will ever see, I’m here for you.

Kingscliff Wedding at Sunset

If you have any questions about my drone wedding photography please feel free to reach out by contacting me here.