You’re probably wondering where this ‘East Coast Wedding Photographer’ is based. I’m lucky to have two places I call home, one in the big smoke of Sydney and the other in the small beachy town of Pottsville. From these two locations I have easy access to the Brisbane/Byron areas as well as Sydney/Blue Mountains and everywhere in between.

Feeling nervous about ‘posing’ for your wedding photos? Well don’t! I want you to feel happy and relaxed on your wedding day. You won’t find me placing you in cheesy or awkward positions where you don’t feel comfortable. Through a handful of simple poses with easy to follow prompts (and possibly a dirty joke or two along the way), I can capture your natural connection, allowing your love and energy to shine through.

I can totally relate to that feeling of “where on earth do I begin planning my wedding.” I’ve been there myself and seen many couples trying to wrap their heads around the whole thing. For this reason, I’ve created a comprehensive 80 page free Wedding Planning Guide to help make your wedding planning experience as smooth and stress free as possible. And I’m totally happy to share my Wedding Planning Guide with you! Just send me an message and I’ll get that Wedding Planning Guide coming right your way.

If you’re looking for a candid and creative, yet down to earth wedding photography team who doesn’t take things too seriously, I’d love to hear from you! Just drop me a line via my contact form and I’ll be in touch shortly.



Easy going, a little quirky, nature lover, human and cat dad, always up for a good laugh. That’s me above (unintentionally dressed in xmas colours) on the day I married my beautiful wife Corinne. I'm the primary photographer behind Sam Wyper Photography. If I’m not out photographing, I’ll probably be hanging with my family and friends, playing Settlers of Catan over a nice bottle of wine with some good tunes.


  • My wife proposed to me at 4am whilst we were camped out in our sleeping bags under a meteor shower. She proposed to me with a piece of meteorite from the 4 billion year old Gibeon meteorite, which we later fashioned into our wedding rings.
  • My wife and I made a commitment before our wedding ceremony to soak it all in and be present for every second of it. It was beautiful!
  • I’m a qualified school teacher with a degree in philosophy and history.
  • I’m a nature lover. I love the uniqueness and ruggedness of the Australian bushland and am working towards creating my own permaculture paradise in my backyard
  • I have never met anyone that can beat me in a backwards running race!